I first made Wåfflan back in 2012. When I returned to Sweden (after some years in Vietnam) in 2021, I decided to develop the design and crafted a collection of tableware and useful home decorations. Available in the WEBSHOP :-)

The first version of Wåfflan from 2012 consisted of the coasters Wåfflan Hel, a single coaster suitable for pans or as a serving plate, and Fem Hjärtan suitable for cups, glasses or for larger pans since you can place them separately.

There is a separate Instagram/Facebookpage and a logo for the collection, to keep it running as a separate project. Wåfflan Design is thought to be updated with more home decoration items, not only ceramics, based on the waffle design.

Handcraft all the way! Linoleum cut into symbols used for the printed labels. Also used as stamps to make ceramic labels.

There are 3 standard designs in our range, that we hope to always keep in stock;

Wåfflan Hel, Fem Hjärtan and Hjärtfat

Grytan fokus stor
mat ovanifrån stor
IMG_0507edit2 copy

Wåfflan Hel

One single piece of ceramic. White glace on one side and raw terracotta clay on the other side. Heat it slightly in the oven before serving and it will keep the food warm for longer or chill it in the freezer to keep the ice cream cold for longer in summer. 

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Vinglas stor
Alla hjärtan stor

Fem Hjärtan

Wåfflan is split up to 5 hearts. Use as coasters for drinks, as decoration or for larger pans. One side white glace, the other raw terracotta.  
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Hjärtfat is a small tray perfect for a sweet snack for the fika(coffee break) or as a soap tray in the bathroom. It has 3 small feet to stay stable on the table. Standard is a white glaze, but for christmas 2021 I also made it in a red and terracotta version.
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There is a long process behind making the ceramic Wåfflan products. Here are som images from preparing the red clay to not have any bubbles (if there are air inside the clay when firing they might make the waffle explode), letting it dry to the right consistency, cutting it into size, making the pattern, engraving the signature W in the bottom, adding the feet to Hjärtfat, drying, the first firing in the kiln, glazing and the second firing; with the glaze on.

Except for the 3 standard items that will stayas an original stock, there will also be limited edition and lingle objects such as these vases and coasters. Send a message to see the limited stock available.